Upcoming Events

More book tour dates coming asap! Also check out my private chocolate-tasting events!

Past Events

11/18/2017, 7-9 PM: Underground Chocolate Salon Featuring Portland Chocolate Makers at Creo (Portland, OR)

11/18/2017, 1-3 PM: Book Release Party With Chocolate and Coffee at Ranger Chocolate (Portland, OR)

11/14/2017, 11 AM-12:30 PM: Guided Chocolate Tasting at Fran's Chocolates (Seattle, WA)

11/13/2017, 5-7 PM: Chocolate Tasting and Book Signing at Indi Chocolate (Seattle, WA)

11/11/2017, 3 PM: Panel at Northwest Chocolate Festival: "Hot Off the Presses: 4 New Must-Read Chocolate Books" (Seattle, WA)

11/9/2017, 7:30-9 PM: Chocolate and Tea Pairing at Chocolopolis (Seattle, WA)

11/9/2017, 6-7:30 PM: Book Release Party With Chocolate at Chocolopolis (Seattle, WA)

11/8/2017: Book Signing and Chocolate Tasting with Nuance Chocolate at Old Firehouse Books (Fort Collins, CO)

11/7/2017, 7 PM: Guided Chocolate Tasting and Book Signing at Tattered Cover (Denver, CO)

11/5/2017, 6:30 PM: A Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Sunday Supper at Rhubarb (Asheville, NC)

11/2/2017: Chocolate-Beer Tasting With French Broad at Catawba Brewing (Asheville, NC)

11/2/2017: Open House With Chocolate at French Broad Chocolate Factory (Asheville, NC)

10/30/2017, 7-9 PM: Chocolate and Spirits Pairing With Book Signing at Black Mountain Chocolate (Winston-Salem, NC)

10/29/2017, 6:30 PM: Chocolate Dinner at Fountain Bookstore (Richmond, VA)

10/23/2017: Talk and Tasting With Michael Laiskonis at 92Y (New York)

10/21/2017: Fruition Anniversary Party at Fruition Chocolate (Shokan, NY)

10/15, 2:15 PM: Bean-to-Bar Chocolate at the New York Coffee Festival (NYC)

10/12/2017: Underground Chocolate Salon at Roni-Sue's Chocolates (NYC)

10/9/2017: Chocolate-Beer Pairing Party With Raaka at Three's Brewing (NYC)

10/7/2017: Author Showcase at NAIBA Conference (Cherry Hill, NJ)

10/6/2017: Author Panel at the Big Chocolate Show (NYC)

10/1/2017: Book Release Party at the Meadow With Fruition, Raaka, and Counter Culture Coffee (NYC)

9/23/2017, 10:40-11:10 AM: Let's Talk About Food Festival Demo and Book Signing (Boston)

9/22/2017, 7 PM: Book Signing and Chocolate Tasting at Porter Square Books (Boston)

9/17/2017, 1-5 PM: Book Release Party at Hops & Grain Brewing With Tweed Coffee and Live Bands (Austin)

9/16/2017, 6:30-8:30 PM: Chocolate-Cheese Pairing Class at Antonelli's Cheese (Austin)

9/14/2017: Underground Chocolate Salon at Chocolaterie Tessa (Austin)

9/11/2017, 6-8 PM: Chocolate and Cheese Pairings at Scardello Cheese (Dallas)

9/9/2017, 12 PM: Dallas Chocolate Festival "Strangely Delicious" Tasting and Book Signing

5/13/2017 Mother's Day Chocolate Tasting at West Elm

5/7/2017: ChocolateFest at the 92Y

4/6/2017: Private Event

2/24/2017: Private chocolate tasting at Kickstarter

12/14/2016: Chocolate and Cheese at Murray's in NYC

11/18/2016: Private chocolate tasting at Avroko

11/13/2016: Underground Chocolate Salon at Chocolopolis (read more here)

11/13/2016: From Bean to Bonbon tasting at the Northwest Chocolate Festival

9/6/2016: Underground Chocolate Salon at Voila Chocolat (read more here)

8/15/2016: Underground Chocolate Salon at 2Beans (read more here)

7/28/2016: Underground Chocolate Salon at the Chocolate Room (read more here)

6/24/2016: Chocolate tasting with the Heirloom Cacao Preservation Fund at Rider

6/2/2016: Underground Chocolate Salon at Raaka (read more here)

4/20/2016: Underground Chocolate Salon at Valrhona (read more here)

4/10/2016: Chocolate Fest at the 92Y

3/23/2016: Underground Chocolate Salon at Valrhona (read more here)

Private Chocolate-Tasting Events


Let’s have a chocolate party! For the chocolate lover in all of us, I offer private tasting events in NYC and the surrounding areas. Join me for discussion, comparison and banter as I lead your group through an hour and a half of pure chocolatey goodness.  

These events are perfect for company team-building, holiday parties, and more.

The best part: I come to you! I’ll bring the chocolate and any pairings, and you can relax, taste, and enjoy.

Here are a few of my most popular options, but I’m happy to tailor something to fit your needs.

Chocolate 101

Guided 1.5-hour tasting of 5 delicious high-end chocolates. Learn how chocolate is made, discover the fascinating and sometimes hilarious stories of these small companies, and compare and contrast the chocolates the way you would a fine wine.

Includes: Tasters of 5 craft chocolates, hot or cold cacao tea, palate cleansers (bread, crackers, green apples), individual handouts and placemats

Minimum Number of People: 15


Chocolate Pairing Event

Guided 1.5-hour tasting of 5 delicious high-end chocolates paired with a specialty food option of your choice (see below). Learn how chocolate and the accompanying food are made, discover the stories behind the small companies, and enjoy pairings as you sit back and relax.

Includes: Tasters of 5 craft chocolates, tasters of 5 accompanying foods, palate cleansers (bread, crackers, green apples), hot or cold cacao tea, individual handouts and placemats

Pairing Options: Tea, coffee, bread, cheese, fortified wine, beer, or spirits

Minimum Number of People: 15

For more information and pricing, please contact me at


“Megan Giller can talk about chocolate, chocolate makers, and chocolate processes for hours, and it’s completely fascinating. She has a keen understanding of how to describe everything about chocolate as well as how to keep the discussion engaging, and is the perfect person to lead an expert or a novice through a chocolate tasting.”

— Ethan Lercher, Director of Events, Bryant Park

“Megan not only shares her extensive knowledge but also introduces us to a fantastic array of craft chocolate which always lead the group into the most interesting and passionate conversations. The growing bean-to-bar movement is fascinating and this is the most delicious way to learn about it!”

— Genevieve Leloup

“A great evening! Interesting bars I would never find on my own paired with witty banter and new [chocolate-loving] friends. What could be better?”

— Kim Wilson, Cocoa Future

“What a fun evening! Filled with laughter and the opportunity to taste rare new release chocolate. Perhaps the most interesting part was hearing the stories about the chocolate makers. ”

— Barbie Van Horn